• Tara Muldrow

Greek yogurt the "superior" of yogurts!

This week on the Clean Cuisine menu we have Greek Yogurt as a side! The main detail that makes Greek yogurt different from all other yogurts is that it is strained to eliminate whey which is a natural sugar found in milk.

Here's a few benefits to eating Greek Yogurt!

1. Boosting Metabolism

- This yogurt is filled with protein which helps you feel fuller faster. It may also help with the amount calories burned per day.

2. Building Muscle Mass

- The amount of protein that yogurt contains can also help build muscle mass.

3. Improving Gut Health

- Greek yogurt contains probiotics which is good bacteria that helps restore a healthy bacteria balance in the gut.

4. Lowering Blood Pressure

- This yogurt is a specific form of probiotic fermented milk which may help lower blood pressure.

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